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Went into a portal...
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Welcome! I am an artist of many mediums. I am also a fan of the expanded universe of a faraway galaxy, the tales of red and blue soldiers in a box canyon, the weird voyages on the final frontier of a weird-shaped spaceship inhabited by people in sweaters and black trousers, Colored-cartoon horses, and a team of four american-anime girls at a combat school.

I am also the author of Sunset Shimmer New Beginnings, RWBY: Away, RWBY: Gold, EqGee Rule Sixty-Three, Rwby/Mlp:My Little Pennyand other fanfictions. Please note that as great as the stories are they are infested with grammatical errors. ^^; If you spot any do tell immediately.

I am also a fan of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and any Expanded universe lore and characters in star wars, such as the jedi exile (both the canon one and my own:…. I also play the MMO The Old Republic. Despite the fact that canon star wars and the old republic contradict several things within my work (Or guess its the other way around) I just accept that they are merely different realities/uniververses with slightly different characters and events, all for the sake of being able to peacefully both enjoy canon content and fan-created content.

However I find the most enjoyment in Halo and RWBY. Halo as drawn me drew me in with Red Vs blue and RWBY is something that not only makes me smile every thursday but its something that makes you feel that we as a species are powerful, beautiful, colorful, and wonderful
:iconmastercheifplz:-Commission- RWBY Red Icon by DUSKvsDAWN (RWBY icon credit goes to DUSKvsDAWN)

Lastly, I will give credit to My little pony and bronies who got me hooked onto writing factions, drawings more often, and welcoming me into the ideal and joyful concept of being a part of a dedicated and active fandom.

R W B Y Volume 2 movie poster by MudSlinger077Lil' Red Fighting Hood by MudSlinger077RWBY: My Little awkward-Ginger-Xbox-anime-filly by MudSlinger077Enclave by MudSlinger077None of this is safe! You wanna start analyzing?! by MudSlinger077Arkos by MudSlinger077RWBY OC: Team APCT by MudSlinger077 RWBY: Gold
Yang's head leaned on the side of the door facing the hallway, which was darkened so much thanks to the thick overcast and the rainy season. But the rain did not concern her today, for Ruby's sobbing heard behind the door was all that was on her mind.
"Ruby.." Yang stated, unsure of what else to say.
"GO AWAY!" Ruby cried behind the door, followed by what Yang assumed was glass shattering against the door.
"Ruby please don't hurt yourself - " Yang begged.
"OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!" Ruby Screamed, only cough and cry so hard afterwards.
Yang soon found out that the door was locked from the inside - and she also found out she had left her scroll behind, so she couldn't unlock it unless....
"Ruby! - you better let me in there! Either you open this in three seconds or I'll pay for whatever damages are done to the door!" Yang warned, taking a few steps back and unlocking the firing mechanism on her gauntlets.
"On three or after three?" Ruby asked.
"What difference does it make?!" Yang s
This Will be The Day by MudSlinger077There is no death_there is the Magic of Friendship by MudSlinger077RWBY: The Queen and her pawns by MudSlinger077Smaug and the Pony in the Shadows by MudSlinger077Legacy by MudSlinger077S4 celebration: Discord by MudSlinger077N I G H T M A R E M O O N by MudSlinger077The Big Night by MudSlinger077She once asked me that... by MudSlinger077Art Trade with TheCheeseburger by MudSlinger077STAR WARS: THE WARDEN OF THE ORDER by MudSlinger077Korriban Duststorm Duel by MudSlinger077Halo 5 Beta 'jump in' by MudSlinger077Penny's Superlazor by MudSlinger077

:Dancing In The Rain by AcidaliaAdrasteiaCaboose Is The Best by British-ProphetessWhat's Love, HK47? by LunaticStarMiddle Earth Stamp by MeaninglessTheoriesTF2 Engineer Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nStar Trek-Spock Agree With Me by schematizationSTAR TREK-Somedays A Redshirt by schematizationRed Army Sucks by British-ProphetessRWBY Logo Stamp by Sunrise1-1Forerunner Glyph Stamp by sJ-ePHALO: Noble Team Stamp by SpehiOctavia by Miss-DicessFrom Shadows by BigYellowAlienRed Like Roses by BigYellowAlienCookie monster by number03Ass Kicking 101 - femShep Edition by Viggorrah:portal-glomp: by crula

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